What to expect out of your property inspection


It should be noted that the inspector will be highlighting a lot of different things that tend to be cosmetic or even maintenance items.

The big 4 things your property inspector is looking for are:

  1. Furnace and Hot Water Tank – Making sure they are good working order
  2. Electrical and Plumbing – Looking for at least 100 amp service with no aluminum wiring or poly B plumbing.
  3. Foundation/Structural issues – Concrete cracks or foundational cracks. Wall’s having proper insulation and framing, looking for cold spots within walls
  4. Attic and Roof – Insulation within an attic, any leaking from a roof, what age the shingles are and what condition they are in.

Inspectors are not there to see how clean a house is, but if there are signs of bugs or vermin this is obviously a sign of neglect.

You should be able to expect to have the future buyers there!