Nicole has been involved in the financial industry for more than a decade, starting with front-end banking. She joined Dean’s team, first as Assistant in 2008 and then as Associate Consultant in 2013, after building her knowledge through studying business and earning her CFP®, RRC and EPC designations.


Easy to relate to and well informed, Nicole helps make finances easy for clients to understand by explaining things from their perspective. She also keeps them organized and accountable, helping them set and keep clear objectives and proactively following up on their goals. Clients can call for any kind of financial advice from building a living financial plan, to investment strategies for their business.  Nicole works mostly with business professionals and has a special interest in working with business professional focused on business growth.


Highly respected by myself and family members Nicole is very knowledgeable, she has what I call a “growth mindset”. If you have questions about the market, or your own personal business give her a call. She will challenge your ideas and give you new ones that may be better than expected.